Axolot Systems is the ultimate supplement to your IT and Human Resource division. We’re built for the quality, scale, and speed that your workforce challenges.

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Business Solutions & Consulting

Axolot Systems is better, more cost-effective, and yields higher quality talent than traditional solutions for your changing workforce.

About Us

Prior to COVID, more than 50% of workers were already working in satellite offices or remotely. Obviously, this number has rise steeply over the last two years.
Axolot Systems is dedicated to supporting the distributed workforce, serving as an extension to IT teams who are overextended and geographically challenged.
We equip businesses with the network and technology to provide and manage assistance across their entire organization, delivering the way businesses actually work today.

Our mission

“Axolot System’s mission is to save time, cut costs and improve the quality of the IT support you offer your growing distributed workforce. Let us show you how it works!”


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our services

Application Development

We have substantive expertise in areas like Client Server,ERP and Web technologies while our technology bandwidth spans across Oracle,SAP,PeopleSoft,ETL,CRM, Dot NET, J2EE, Net Working, Main Frames, Project Management and DBA.

Business Application Services

Business Application Services enables customers create successful and adaptive businesses through a robust business architecture, process transformation and innovation.


Axolot Systems will help you to transform your organization by helping you to harness the power of Information technology to solve strategic technology issues and provide you with a successful business strategy.

IT Outsourcing Services

In the fast paced global economy, business issues are ever changing, requiring adaptability in order to sustain growth & preserve a competitive advantage and maintain profitability.

Professional Services

Axolot Systems can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients define and implement recruitment needs thus reducing their IT talent hunt with the best of breed.

SOA Services

SOA is the enabler for an agile IT and Business architecture and have thus become the corner stone of every company's survival and growth.

Staffing Agumentation

Axolot System's staffing solutions provide comprehensive end-to-end activity management to your staffing requirements, bridging gaps in your need for skilled workforce and the right people, with the right competencies.

Why Us only ?

Axolot Systems saves you time and money by providing trusted professionals on-demand.
50% cheaper than working with contractors.

  • 80% cheaper than hiring full-time staff/traveling.
  • Reduce cost while expanding your IT footprint and expertise.
  • Move your IT department from a cap-ex model to an op-ex model.
  • Total control of your distributed network. Manage your remote and satellite offices right from your dashboard or unify your distributed workforce.

Our dashboard does all of that and more. Make your distributed workforce feel like they’re in your headquarters. Say goodbye to emails, phone calls, and locating a technician in a satellite office or remote city.